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Welcome to our White Papers Resource section. Here you will find deeper information on the products, technology and services that we offer.

One of our corporate credos is that "Knowledge is Power" so we go to great lengths to provide your organization with the power it needs to succeed.


Unlock the Power of Your Web (290kb) - This white paper goes into detail about the different strategies ECRA Consulting incorporates to Attain, Convert and Retain traffic for your website. Download PDF


Website Analytics

ECRA Analys OnDemand Data Sheet (77KB) - Details about the features and functionality of our flagship Analytical Web Intelligence Software. Download PDF

Maximize Your ROI with ECRA Analys (103kb) - This white paper demonstrates how E-Marketers and Webmasters alike can improve their customer value and maximize the return on their web investment by utilizing ECRA Analys OnDemand. Download PDF

ECRA Analys OnDemand vs Web Log Analyzers (83kb) - Not all web analytics software are created equally. This white paper demonstrates ECRA Analys' real-time superiority over web-log analyzers. Download PDF

Detecting Click Fraud with Web Analytics (185kb) - Click fraud has demonstrated itself to be one of the most expensive problems facing web marketers. This paper demonstrates how to detect and minimize damage. Download PDF

Targeted Email Marketing

Tracking Complete Email Marketing Results (65kb) - This white paper demonstrates how ECRA Analys works along with our ECRA TouchPoint Email Marketing Software to give you a full 3500 view of your email marketing results. Download PDF

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