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At ECRA Consulting our people are our true strength. Each website marketing consultant in our small team is a highly educated and experienced professional that is dedicated to taking your web initiatives to the highest level by achieving better website roi.

We have designed our team in such a way that each website marketing consultant covers a critical aspect of your dot-com. Ours is one of the very few teams in the industry with such an end-to-end background from Internet Marketing and Strategic Business to Design and Web Project Management.

Earl Rennie, CEC, CSEM - Website Marketing Analyst

Earl Rennie has a passion for his job as a website marketing consultant and has one of the tightest grasps of what it entails to manage a successful Internet Marketing project. Owning a succesful Internet Business of his own; his responsibility lies in the design and development of each client's online strategy and intelligence solution.

Earl has an advanced certificate in B2B E-Commerce from the Columbia Graduate School of Business, is the region's only "Certified, Chartered and Registered E-Commerce Consultant, Manager and Analyst", Certified Professional Search Engine Marketer, a recognized Internet Marketing Professional by the American E-Commerce Association and a professional member of the e-Business Consulting Committee of the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants.

You can contact him directly at:

Shivana ArjoonSingh - Website Marketing Consultant

Shivana possesses a very diverse educational and practical background in aesthetic strategy. Apart from being a well sought designer owning her own 3D Architectural Design firm she has also been the key factor behind all of ECRA Consulting's creative and web design projects. Shivana has a discerning eye for design and her responsibility lies in the aesthetic strategy of each of our creative projects.

website marketing consultants

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