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It's no longer enough just to know how many hits, page views and visitors your site gets per month. Now, web site conversion rate optimization is integral to ensure that your online channel is meeting the goals that you have set; converting more visitors into profitable customers.

Successfully optimizing web site conversion rate requires accurate and real-time intelligence on both your target market and your existing customers. What's the source of my leads? How do my visitors navigate my site? Which offline and online ads generate the most leads?

As a critical component of our Web Site Analytics Solution, our ECRA Analys OnDemand - Web Site Analytics Software was not developed as a technical tool for your IT team, but instead was developed as a decision-support tool for your business leaders; providing some of the most comprehensive, in-depth and real-time reports and statistics in the industry to simplify web site conversion rate optimization.

Dozens of Reports, Hundreds of Statistics


Real-Time Reporting


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Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Features


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