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ECRA's iSIS (Internet Strategy and Intelligence Suite) for Travel and Tourism Destination Marketing delivers a fully outsourced internet marketing solution for hotels, airlines, travel brokers, tourism boards and other online travel services providers. See iSIS features.

Fully outsourced and implemented within weeks, ECRA's iSIS for Travel and Tourism Destination Marketing is the only regional platform that enables both traditional and online marketing teams within this industry to ATTAIN, CONVERT and RETAIN more high value visitors, increase 'look to book' conversion rate, improve packaging decisions, and increase customer lifetime value.

Our solutions help you too:


Reduce Attainment Costs

Utilizing iSIS' attainment strategies and services we ensure that your online channel is optimized efficiently to ATTAIN the most qualified online leads at the lowest possible cost.

We implement a suite of strategies and services that attract both online and offline travel seekers that are looking for exactly what you have to offer; better targeting your offer. We then allow you to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of each of your marketing channels in producing qualified leads; to quickly cut non-profitable efforts and better focus your budgets.



Increase 'Look to Book' Conversion Rates

Once we've completed the task of attaining qualified visitors to your site, they need to be influenced to complete the key objectives that have been set, such as request more information, sign-up for your newsletter, book a room or schedule a vacation.

iSIS for Travel and Tourism Destination Marketing provides the information and tools you need to monitor and optimize your key processes so that your navigation is funneled and visitors complete the objectives that mean more profits for your business.

Furthermore, iSIS provides detailed information on conversion ratios and cycle times for specific segments of products or customers to help you understand customer activity and address specific challenges.



Identify and Service Your Highest Value Customers

Based upon detailed customer activity reports, you can easily understand customer preferences and market to them more effectively, boosting loyalty and satisfaction. Examples include the ability to identify your website users who prefer executive services or memberships, and effectively market to them via permission based email to close the sale. And for those price-sensitive segments, an understanding of their online activity gives you insight into their preferences allowing you to construct a campaign of value and low prices to address their specific interests.



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