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The Medium. For years, targeted email marketing solutions have been used to communicate with customers and send them periodic messages in the form of newsletters, order confirmations, birthday greetings, invitations and delivery notices etc. But, it is an unfortunate fact that very few companies have leveraged the full potential of email marketing to effectively attain, convert and retain more customers.

The Question. How can you utilize a targeted email marketing solution as a strategic tool? How do you get maximum returns from your customer contacts? As with any other marketing strategy; planning, careful execution and the utilization of proper feedback and control mechanisms are the keys.

The Strategy. ECRA Consultants' best-of-breed targeted email marketing solution, allows you to gather in-depth intelligence on each of your customers and leverage this new-found data into a communication strategy that strengthens relationships, improves their receptiveness and engages them on a whole different level. You will be able to target and send automated, highly personalized and relevant email messages to your client base at integral points throughout the lifecycle.

The Solution. We provide the essential technology and campaign services to ensure that you implement a successful email marketing strategy that takes care of each of your objectives:

At the helm of our Targeted Email Marketing Solution is our very own ECRA TouchPoint email marketing software. TouchPoint represents one of the most invaluable tools for facilitating successful email marketing initiatives. From implementing A/B Testing and Market Surveys with ease to Highly Fragmented Customer Segmentation and Industry-Leading Reporting, we provide you with the tools to ensure success. View TouchPoint Details.


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