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ECRA Consulting's TouchPoint OnDemand Facility delivers an email technology solution for permission-based, direct email marketing; offering a solution that meets the needs of all industry verticals and all size organizations.

TouchPoint allows marketers to easily segment and manage a large number of customer interactions for maximum response and ROI. Combined with extensive campaign analysis and compliance with the CAN-SPAM act, there is no better way to communicate with your prospects and customers online.

ECRA's TouchPoint OnDemand Facility is a web-based direct email marketing and list management software that allows businesses of all sizes to:

It is designed to improve communication between businesses and their customers, prospects, and subscribers. It enables organizations to stay in front of their target market at a fraction of the cost and a multiple of the efficacy of traditional marketing methods.

Through our permission-based, direct email marketing solution, businesses are able to educate their customers, build rapport and trust with their subscribers, and most importantly, increase sales.

With features allowing you to easily design, compose, distribute and analyze all your email programs with ease, ECRA's TouchPoint OnDemand Facility is the right choice for any size of job.

Deliverability is today's #1 most critical issue! TouchPoint OnDemand gets through where others don't.

If what you send does not get through, your message is just's lost...with no response--ever. Undelivered mail is a drain on your time and energy, exposes your lists to unnecessary bounces and removals, and jeopardizes your profitability and business potential. Through our whitelisted status and open feedback loops with the major ISPs, we ensure your important communications get to your recipients.

TouchPoint OnDemand's Unique Model

TouchPoint OnDemand offers the simplicity of use required by entry-level users and a highly intuitive array of sophisticated technologies necessary for today's fast growing businesses! We bundle these features (usually associated with high-priced solutions) into a single, affordable product. So no matter what your needs, no matter how much or how little experience you have - TouchPoint OnDemand is for you. Don't pay for what you don't use; and don't pay more for what you do. Build a better business with Permission-Based, Direct Email Marketing:

  1. Increase sales and/or leads both online and offline
  2. Induce customer loyalty and increase retention rates
  3. Communicate with the customer throughout his/her lifecycle
  4. Lower your overall cost per acquisition levels
  5. Effectively cross sell and up sell ancillary products and/or services


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