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For you to succeed at a Paid Search Marketing initiative, you need to have a team that is dedicated to ensuring your success. A team that has the right combination of expertise, eperience and technology to continuously monitor, control and measure the success of your listings.

Our SEM Services Include:

Keyword Attractiveness and Competition Analysis:

We work with you to research relevant keywords by searching an online, real-time database of terms that people actually use to find information online. We then tell you how often people search for them along with how many competing sites are bidding on positioning. Use our free keyword research tool now!

Keyword Selection:

After we settle on what keywords and phrases will be most cost-effective and suitable to bid on, we then begin the bidding process to improve your site's visibility for each.

Budget Formulation:

After defining our success factors, we then work with you to develop a paid search marketing budget that will be adequate for your success and provide a substantial return on investment.

24 Hour Ad Monitoring:

Competing bidders are always waiting for companies to outbid them for their position. Continuous monitoring of your position and visibility for your selected keywords is integral.

Search Marketing Analytics:

Our Search Marketing Analytics provide you with the platform to evaluate your performance while also acting as a scorecard for our performance as well. It goes into detail about the performance of your campaign, by allowing you to analyse and track the attraction and conversion effectiveness of each keyword. Read more about our Search Marketing Analytics.


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