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News and Media web sites adopt either the Content, Advertising or Subscription web business model to generate revenue. Their bottom line is mainly dependent on the useful and valuable content that their web site generates on a regular basis. How is it possible to maximize the financial and non-financial value of this content for the organization?

ECRA Consulting's active internet marketing solutions help media companies to maximize the effectiveness and return on investment of their web sites by targeting and improving the components that affect their bottom line.

Our website marketing consultants will work with you to:


Manage Advertising Inventory

As the major source of revenue Advertising Inventory needs to be managed very strategically. Managers need to have a steady stream of accurate and real-time information about site traffic in order to set and justify their CPM rates for different sections, columnists, seasons etc.

CPM rates are set according to the quantity and/or quality of visitors a section of the web site receives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. ECRA Consulting's active internet marketing solutions provide managers with the needed information about page views, unique visitors, repeat visitors, visitor frequency, time spent on page, visitor source and much more, for each revenue section. Managers, in turn, leverage these figures to improve KPIs and set CPM rates. more details...



Optimize Site Content

Content is the heart and soul of your web site. It's what attracts visitors; your revenue generators. You need to have an accurate understanding of your content's effectiveness by understanding your visitors' behaviours and trends.

Very much can be gathered and understood from the way site visitors navigate through your pages. It is very easy to know which sections and topics of your web site are the most popular by actually knowing in real time how many visitors visit those pages, how many times they return and how much time they spend reading.

By providing content manager with the relevant information, an accurate understanding of which content is the most popular and which is seldom visited, our web site consultants ensure that they can make informed decisions to spend more money and/or effort behind certain content to improve customer retention and satisfaction. more details...



Improve Ad Targeting

The greater quantity of visitors your site receives means more revenue from advertisers and the greater quality of visitors means higher CPM rates.

The hundreds of statistics and dozens of reports, provided by our active internet marketing solution easily allow advertisers to better target their audience. Our segmenting methods allow advertisers to gain a better understanding of the type of audience on different sections of their web sites by knowing their source, country, age, gender etc. Advertisers appreciate this knowledge, because it allows them to approve ad spend much easier.



Increase Subscription Revenue

Your subscription revenue comes from both new subscribers and existing subscribers; they both need to be taken into consideration when designing and implementing a strategic internet marketing plan.

New subscribers need to be encouraged to become paying customers by increasing the value of the content through content and sales copy optimization strategies. Both content and sales copy need to be optimized through a better understanding of what stimulates your visitors. Our web site consultants' behavioural marketing and analysis reports allow you to gain a better understanding of your visitors' preferences.

These visitors then need to be given a smooth and painless method of conversion. The key processes need to be problem and hassle free. By monitoring visitors as they go through the key conversion process, you can easily identify common drop-off points and fix them before they become a problem.

Existing subscribers also need to be continuously satisfied and serviced to minimize the un-subscription rate. The web site analytics reports generated by our website consultants easily allow content managers to know which content they should be investing in to keep customer satisfaction.



Extend Market Reach

Having an online arm of your business means that you are no longer constrained to a local audience. Niche magazines and periodicals have a greater potential for visitors by targeting a regional and international audience of their target market.

By working with you to design and implement successful attainment strategies, we ensure that your advertising budget is utilized to its full potential by maximizing the return on your investment. We work to attract more qualified visitors to your site at the lowest cost per acquisition.



What online marketing challenges are your media firm faced with? Why not give us a call or drop us a line to discuss a solution?

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