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Why SEO? Over 650 million web searches are performed on search engines everyday by people looking for products and services at that very point in time. Utilizing a multi-faceted optimization strategy to get your website in front of the right cross section of these searchers can well determine the success of your web initiative.

Research. ECRA Consultants continuously monitor the top search engine ranking trends and analyze actual search terms used by real people to constantly optimize key elements of your website. This allows us to improve the rankings of your website and guarantee the best performance.

Solution. Our highly targeted Optimization strategies not only target better Search Engine ranking performance but also ensures that your website usability index is where it's supposed to be by incorporating:

  1. tactical content optimization
  2. external and internal linking techniques
  3. navigational analysis
  4. continuous monitoring of your performance and positioning

The bottom line being, an increase in market reach and qualified visitors to your site, looking for exactly the product or service that you have to offer.

Expertise. Search Engine Optimization cannot be ignored as an integral part of your overall internet marketing strategy. With ECRA Consulting you will have a certified search engine optimizer, professional copywriter and a dedicated team that becomes an extension of your own. SEO is a full time job and we continuously work with you to ensure your success.

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managed search engine optimization service

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