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ECRA's Internet Strategy and Intelligence Suite (iSIS) for Financial and Investment Firms is a fully outsourced Financial Services Marketing Solution that enables banks, brokerages, credit unions, insurance firms, and diversified financial services organizations to utilize their websites to better market their products and gain a deeper understanding of their customers' behaviours and needs. See iSIS features.

Leveraging ECRA Consulting's iSIS of technology and services, your organization is provided with detailed reports, accurate analytics and multi channel marketing capabilities that enable you to optimize the efficiency of your online channel and maximize its ROI while providing insight into the best opportunities for enhancing the lifetime value of your customers.

Very important to note is that, through our targeted email marketing strategies, we also assist you in building a data asset that can be easily added to your in-house CRM and Business Intelligence applications to achieve a true 360-degree multi-channel view of your customers.

Our solutions help you too:


Increase Customer Conversion Rates

Once we've completed the task of attracting qualified visitors to your site, they need to be influenced to complete the key processes that have been set, such as fill out a mortgage application, sign-up for online banking, use your online financial planning tools, apply for a loan or simply register for your monthly newsletter allowing you to better serve them. Our iSIS for Financial Services Marketing provides the information and tools you need to monitor and optimize these key processes so that your customers don't get stuck partway through an activity, but rather complete the objectives that result in success and more profits for your business.



Reduce Customer Support Costs

Every time a customer picks up the phone and dials your call center, he or she is costing you money. Your online channel with its relatively low marginal service costs is a great medium for cost-effective customer support, but how do you ensure that customers find the information they need online and that that information is answering their questions? Our iSIS for Financial Services Marketing enables you to identify the best ways to drive customers towards online support and service options, while helping you understand the required enhancements to the quality of support content.



Provide the Relevant Analytics to Business Leaders

iSIS for Financial Services Marketing delivers a self-service reporting solution to your business leaders with readily accessible relevant metrics that will help them better manage their online results. We reduce the drain that they place upon IT resources for reporting, by delivering visual, comprehensive traffic reports, visitor reports, navigation reports, behaviour reports and accurate calculations of customer conversion rates among several others. View the features of our Web Analytics Solution.

The produced reports serve to both provide accurate statistics for decision makers and real-time insight for our consultants to monitor and optimize the paths that lead to your online objectives.



Improve Financial Product Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Effectiveness

Escalating your customer lifetime value requires the clever and effective up-sell and cross-sell of relevant financial products to your current clients. However, you want to be sensitive to avoid spamming your customers with irrelevant offers that will decrease their satisfaction with your services while reducing their interest in extending the relationship to other products. ECRA's TouchPoint OnDemand facility combined with iSIS for Financial Services provides you with the strategy, tools and expertise you need to intelligently identify, segment and target your most eligible candidates. View the features of our email marketing solution



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