ECRA TouchPoint - Targeted Email Marketing

ECRA TouchPoint allows you to communicate more efficiently and build relationships with your prospects and customers while allowing you to reach your target market at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Deliverabilty: ECRA's TouchPoint Facility is hosted on dual-redundant OC17 connected mail servers, using a three queue emailing system to ensure all emails are sent out promptly. When all emails are delivered, a confirmation email is sent to you that will tell you the start time of the campaign, the finish time, and provide a confirmation of the number of emails sent.

Security: The names that you enter into TouchPoint and those entered by your customers from your web site are fully protected. We have developed a highly secure, 128-bit encryption system housed in a secure data facility protected by a firewall to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

Blacklisting: Many competitors are on as many as nineteen major blacklists, meaning many of the emails sent out on their system simply do not get through. In comparison, TouchPoint is on no blacklists. We are whitelisted with AOL and have built solid relationships and established feedback loops with all the major ISPs.

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